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About Us

Thaliya Lisieux is an online boutique based in Paris. We focus on making scarfs, pouches and fabric bags, which are always completed with some super useful pockets to help you organize your stuffs. Our products are designed and sewn in our petit atelier in Paris with the materials that might originate from several countries, especially Indonesia.

Our collection uses mostly Batik, a handmade traditional drawing technique using dots and lines, creating beautiful design on fabric. As UNESCO designated Indonesian Batik as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2 October 2009, we would love to preserve this priceless heritage by sharing its beauty and applying it as a daily product.

Admiring Indonesia as the country that develop batik the most to the very elaborate level,

we provide Indonesian fabrics to promote batik craftspeople as well as their savoir-faire to the world.

And for your additional pleasures, we also bring some cute Indonesian handmade products that we found during our travel discovering Indonesia. We hope that you love our creations and gift ideas.


Happy shopping!

Why choose us?

We are passionate with colours and patterns, we are ready to bring your life summer vibe all year-round.

We glad to see our loyal customers enjoying their life.

We provide only beautiful and efficient products for your shopping cart.

We support small businesses and craftspeople, so now we give you a free invitation to do the same.

We sell only handmade products in a very limited stock that make you so special and unique.

Let's give some extra love to our mother earth by reducing use of plastic.

To reach that goal, we create edgy feather-light tote bags to sophisticated shopping bags.

Promise, we do the best to minimize the textile waste!

"Seventy-five percent of fashion supply chain material ends up in landfills. This amounts to 'the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles per second."

- Pulse of the Fashion Industry 2018 Report -


Thaliya Lisieux

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