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Updated: May 13, 2020


I'm an Indonesian student who lives in Paris, France. Back in 2009, after graduating from ESMOD Jakarta and developing my fashion design knowledge in Phalie Studio, I managed my own kick-start apparel business in Jakarta, Indonesia. I named it after me, Thaliya Lisieux. Then I joined my family business, I ran a restaurant with the bakery and pastry shop for two years in 2012 without leaving my creative side. I fully embraced my creativity as I worked as a freelance makeup artist and fashion designer in 2014. At that time, I worked with various creative teams, including photographers and other makeup artists. It was absolutely incredible as I discovered and learnt new things.

In 2017, I came to Paris. I decided to challenge myself to restart my life literally from zero. My goal is to turn myself from nothing into something, no matter where I am. I'm still striving to pursue my dream, but I believe that I continue making progress so far. I finally launched my personal website in 2 February 2020, exactly three years after leaving my lovely country. With this website, I remind myself to get back on my track, make the most of my creative skills. In the other hand, I wish people could know me better about what I do and it's always been my biggest pleasure sharing and spreading my happiness with people. #positivevibesonly

As the time goes by, I discovered that there are so many people struggling through the same problems as I do. They're fighting alone to carry out their life project. Some of them are still in the game, including me, and the rest has already given up. Lots of times I think about how lucky I am, being surrounded by amazing people. Mental support is really important for us to stay positive and to be able to enjoy every moment in our life. This is why I create the Art of Sharing contain in my website. I hope I can cheer everyone up and hey, let's step forward together with the positive healthy mind! #artofsharing #dontquit #strongertogether

Last but not least, stay tuned because my new chapter has just begun!


Thaliya Lisieux

* Halo: hello in Indonesian

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